About us

Welcome to That Giftbox Company... you know the one? 

Ok so maybe you don't know us yet... 
We're new to the gifting scene! 
Female founded & based in Ireland, our mission is to shake things up and make gifting easy, affordable & fun (with a touch of sass).

Tired of sending traditional gifts? We are too!
Have a friend going through a tough time? A break up? A pandemic? (sigh)
Perhaps they just bagged their dream job or completed a marathon... In these situations, we really do believe it is the 'thought that counts' that goes along way and not the crazy price tag. 

We know that every gift should be unique & tailored to the person receiving it. That's why we've sourced lots of different high quality products for you to choose from. We also handwrite every note to make sure your gift feels personalised & authentic. 

Don't worry, where possible, we've tried to keep things local (Ireland/ UK) & sustainable too.

Here's how: 
All of our packaging at that giftbox company is sustainable. 
From our recyclable cardboard giftbox to our eco-friendly box-filler..
not forgetting our biodegradable mailer bag.
Pro tip: We encourage people to reuse our giftboxes as handy storage boxes! 

With suppliers such as Raw Halo (vegan & organic chocolate) & Nathalie Bond ( cruelty & chemical free skincare & fragrances), we're doing our best to keep things sustainable. Interested in becoming a supplier? We'd love to hear from you! 
Please reach out to info@thatgiftboxcompany.com

Thanks for stopping by ♥️
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